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5 Reasons to select Part Time MBA

5 Reasons to select Part Time MBA Stay Well and Truly in the Work Force while studying Part Time MBA You are not required to quit your jobs, part time programmes give you the flexibility to let you continue working while earn your degree, you’re thinking cap will enable you to avoid any opportunity cost. Some professional also make career shifts while studying an MBA to realize the return on investment. Make your office a learning studio, benefit to study an application-based part time MBA  Part Time MBA  has a dual benefit, you will have a real chance of applying your expertise at work into your academic assignments, class discussions, debates etc together with new knowledge acquired during your stint at a part time MBA. The knowledge acquired during an evening class or a weekend class can be applied straight away in your work next working day.  Create a whole new Networking Opportunity  That’s a beauty of Part Time MBA, you don’t only learn from the faculties, but also learn from you
Part Time MBA in Singapore. What is distinctive about the Chichester MBA? In a world that is undergoing radical change in nearly every walk of life solving problems, working on new opportunities, anticipating and combating threats, seeking practical improvements becomes daily life. This is the foundation of the MBA; built upon throughout the programme culminating in a practical consultancy project on a subject that matters. This part-time MBA programme combines experiential workplace learning along with theoretical and practical input to develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours as outlined in the standards.  The purpose is to enhance your management capability and overall performance of your organisation. Develop your workplace skills Action Learning Pedagogy The programme will help students develop skills in assessing the global environment for business, identifying new international business opportunities and analysing international markets and industries. A particular feature o