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Mental Wellness amidst E-Learning and Blended Learning Approach. One of the key challenges face by our modern-day generation is to handle Mental Well-being. The days are nearby where, Mental Health related subject matter will be added in our Education System. It is inevitable whereby the educational institution will need to develop mental health resources for the students in the campus. Education Institution will need to have an academician which are highly trained and experienced in counselling and life coaching to guide the students and more importantly, being psychotherapist and organization psychologist to counsel the students and help them get over their problems to concentrate on their studies. Mental Wellness Programme is applicable to all our programmes such as  Preparatory Course in English , Foundation Certificate , Advanced Diploma , Bachelors and Masters at ERC Institute Singapore. As the education is increasingly pivoted towards e-learning or blended learning amidst pand

Tips for Scholarship Application: An important step towards your education journey.

“It's not the smart that get ahead, but the bold.” Be Different, Be ERCI  It’s a dream for many to secure the scholarship with the University of Chichester, UK Scholarship programme at ERCI Singapore. It is considered as the major milestone in your life and it can be your ticket to dream education and followed by a career of your choice especially during this trying time of Pandemic. Despite being such an important milestone, many students tend to take the scholarship application too lightly. Every year we receive lot of enquiries about the scholarship programme at ERCI Singapore. They post questions as. “whether we have scholarship programme?”, “How can they apply?”, “What are the requirements?” etc, however these enquiries comes in too last minute and applicants might not have enough time to prepare for the scholarship application and might end up in missing the opportunity or submitting an application which is not substantial enough to achieve the desire result. To help you avo