Tips for Scholarship Application: An important step towards your education journey.

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It’s a dream for many to secure the scholarship with the University of Chichester, UK Scholarship programme at ERCI Singapore. It is considered as the major milestone in your life and it can be your ticket to dream education and followed by a career of your choice especially during this trying time of Pandemic. Despite being such an important milestone, many students tend to take the scholarship application too lightly.

Every year we receive lot of enquiries about the scholarship programme at ERCI Singapore. They post questions as. “whether we have scholarship programme?”, “How can they apply?”, “What are the requirements?” etc, however these enquiries comes in too last minute and applicants might not have enough time to prepare for the scholarship application and might end up in missing the opportunity or submitting an application which is not substantial enough to achieve the desire result.

To help you avoid making that mistake, we have detailed some tips for you to consider during your scholarship application.

Step 1: 
Research Understanding of the Scholarship is very important and first step in the process. Majority of the scholarship will have either partial or full component for sponsorship of your education and related terms and conditions.

For Scholarship applicants it is imperative to know that majority of Universities and Institutions across the world offer scholarship is to attract and recruit best talent overall in academic and co-curricular activities and not for need-based financial aid.

Step 2:
Know Yourself Scholarship can be a life changing moment, one must always make a conscious effort to know yourself in terms of values and strength, accordingly, decide on applying for the available scholarship of your choice. One can ask their family and friends alternatively, you can take any form of profiling tests online. 

Step 3: 
Shortlist Scholarships Once you have sufficient knowledge and information about the scholarships, you can then decide which scholarship you would like to apply for. Generally, students tend to apply for the scholarship based on the Dollar Value associated with it or based on the chances of their selection, however; you must also consider which scholarships are suitable for you in the first place. Assuming you are sure of your interests, you should select scholarship providers with matching career opportunities, and whose corporate mission and core business resonate with you. 

Step 4: 
Apply Once you have shortlisted the scholarship to apply, you should first check the timelines. Deadline for submission, documents to prepare, platform to use for submission etc. Majority of the scholarship application ask you to write about yourself, your interest, your strengths, your co-curricular activities etc through personal statements. This is your first impression on them, applicants will need to prepare well in advance for a good write-up. 

Step 5: 
Handle Interview Well Once an applicant is shortlisted for the scholarship, he/she will need to undergo the process of interview by the Scholarship committee. The questions generally the committee ask is about; importance of scholarship for you, how did you to choose to apply etc and committee will judge on number of factors such as your confidence, willingness to help the community, presence of mind etc. This stage is your second platform to impress them with your personality. 

Step 6: 
Respond to the offer or rejection Upon completion of the selection process, generally Universities and Institution will announce the deserving candidate for Scholarship. They will communicate with the scholarship receiver and generally you will have to accept the scholarship offer within 2 weeks. In order to show commitment, receiver is encouraged to reply the university or institution as soon as possible and check out the terms and condition and other relevant details. 

In-case if you do not get the scholarship, do not worry, there are lot of other opportunities available such as bank loans, education loan and other financial aids from the financial institutions. 

One thing is for sure that Scholarship application process has at least helped you grow in self-awareness and emerge as a stronger person. 

In order to apply for the ERCI Scholarship Programme, please contact ERC Institute Singapore representatives or CLICK HERE to know more. 

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