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 Are you intending to initiate your Job Search or a Career Shift? There are commonly at least 3 things to avoid while searching for a Job or a Career Shift:  1. Over dependence on online job applications  As a fresher or career shifter, you might not have a direct experience or track record in the industry you want to pursue in and hence merely relying only on online job applications will unlikely to provide any headfast in your Job Search or Career Shift. Generally, recruiters posting job application online has Applicant Tracking System in place to filter the applications at the very first stage itself. 2. Lack of Clarity on the Career Pathway Generally, hiring managers feels that fresh graduates or career shifters might not be looking long term if they think its not the right role and it usually happens when candidate does not have clarity on the career pathway they want to select. Hence hiring managers consider these hires as risky. 3. Taking online certification courses only Gen