Are you intending to initiate your Job Search or a Career Shift?

There are commonly at least 3 things to avoid while searching for a Job or a Career Shift: 

1. Over dependence on online job applications 

As a fresher or career shifter, you might not have a direct experience or track record in the industry you want to pursue in and hence merely relying only on online job applications will unlikely to provide any headfast in your Job Search or Career Shift. Generally, recruiters posting job application online has Applicant Tracking System in place to filter the applications at the very first stage itself.

2. Lack of Clarity on the Career Pathway

Generally, hiring managers feels that fresh graduates or career shifters might not be looking long term if they think its not the right role and it usually happens when candidate does not have clarity on the career pathway they want to select. Hence hiring managers consider these hires as risky.

3. Taking online certification courses only

General tendency is to accumulate as many online certification courses as possible to showcase better candidature and also certain careers do need the candidate to successfully complete some online certification in order to demonstrate better understanding in the new role, however taking a certification is not a sliver bullet, majority of the time recruiter looks into either higher academic qualification or practical experience, if the two candidates has similar candidature.

Do these instead 👇

👍Networking is very important in today’s interconnected world. Candidates can identify the industries and roles and network your way into the companies or individuals, you can use some professional sites to reach out to your intended professionals for referrals or an informal interview to understand the role and industry better.

👍Focus on your career pathway you want to get in and make a strong career story. Hiring Managers want to see the commitment in the freshers and career shifters in order reduce the risk in hiring them. Focus on what drives you towards the new role rather than what pushes you out of your previous one.

Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade yourself with our Master of Science in International Business, awarded by University of Chichester at ERC Institute Singapore.

ERCi is one of the rare institutions that integrates Practical knowledge with the real world in our curriculum and our students’ learning journey is infused with our Corporate Partnerships which provides our students an added layer of advantage by providing them with practical first hand experience of how the Real World operates.

The Master of Science (MSc) in International Business programme explores the complexity and diversity of business in an increasingly interconnected world and is designed to reflect the increased emphasis on the multidisciplinary and international perspective arising from today’s market developments as well as an employers’ expectation to integrate the theoretical knowledge and applied skills in training modern working force.

Watch our video: ERCI Corporate Partner’s Testimonial - “ERCi Students in the Real World “

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