Are you ready for “University of Future”?

 Are you ready for “University of Future”?

Do you know that there is much more than just the economic contribution for overseas students to possess an international education? In the globalization era, the pull of working in a globalised industry focused on mobility and exchange of ideas is very appealing, and often influenced by a personal impact and alluring to become a global citizen. One can stay local with an international perspective and we call it globalization. Today’s students are thinking about education of future, recognizing the importance of favourable and adverse impact of the recent pandemic on the higher education, several topics have emerged to examine the future of education.

Transformation in “On Campus” mode will be a key factor

Currently, majority of the higher education institutions still rely on the campus experience, but unarguably technology will be integrated into teaching and learning and will create a simulating space, however, campus experience will never be replaced completely because of the fact that future students will still prefer real experiences, human interaction and physical expression, without relying heavily on digital tools. The positive impact of integrating technology in higher education is that, it brings inclusivity and accessibility. By digitising the classrooms, students will be to access the top education institutes who were geographically or otherwise left out previously.

Student Engagement will be a forefront aspect instead of mobility.

It is evident from the current situation that mobility of student community is an issue. Instead of higher education institute sending their students for exchange programme, they will focus more on “connectivity” and students will learn on how to stay engaged with the global community in several different ways. Going global but stay local. Students and educators will work towards restructuring their degrees in terms of curriculum, content development, teaching methods etc in such a way that is conducive for virtual form of mobility and to the extend that students will be equally beneficial for intercultural exchange and understanding even in virtual mode.

Perceived Higher Education linkage with Employment Market 

Looking ahead, the main concern of the students is the link between higher education and employment market. The fact remains the same as university degree serves to enhance and uplift economic and social status. This will make higher education institutes’ teaching students to be “market ready” will play a significant role. Increasingly, students are aware of the need to reskill and upskill to maintain stable employment and lifelong learning will present many opportunities for continuous growth and development beyond the “four walls of the classroom”. Hence higher education institutes play a pivotal role in linking real world experience and classroom at the same time.

ERCi is one of the rare institutions that integrates Practical knowledge with the real world in our curriculum and our students’ learning journey is infused with our Corporate Partnerships which provides our students an added layer of advantage by providing them with practical first-hand experience of how the Real World operates virtually as well as on Campus Advanced Diploma awarded by ERC Institute in Singapore provides students with a strong foundation in business and acquire critical fundamental knowledge and skills of business management so that students can be effective in meeting the demands and challenges of the marketplace. In addition, it provides an avenue for students to further their education with overseas universities such as University of Chichester, UK

ERC Institute Singapore offer 3 majors in Advanced Diploma; • Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Marketing and Sales Management) • Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Entrepreneurship) • Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Banking and Finance) All the students enrolled in our Advanced Diploma will have a unique experience in their respective programme as they will need to participate in our “Capstone Project”. This is an initiative to promote Two Way Learning Model, whereby linking real world and the classroom to provide unparallel experience.

Capstone Project

The project undertaken is with an industry partner, students are expected to utilise their learning and apply the theories they learnt throughout the course of core units and specialization to solve real world business issues. Student will have to carry out primary and/or secondary research to gather relevant information to make a feasible and practical recommendation to the industry partner. An assessment panel will be available at the end of the course to evaluate their presentation on the students’ finding and recommendations. It’s a real good first step for the students to experience the real working world and the experience is unparalleled. 

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